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Choose The Right Appliance Store

Choose The Right Appliance Store
How to choose the right Appliance store?

Buying Appliances Online

Buying Appliances Online
Mga Dapat Tandaan Sa Pagbili ng Appliances Online

Digital Set-Up Boxes

Digital Set-Up Boxes
Paghahalintulad sa RCA Digital TV Box at ABS-CBN TV Plus

General Considerations When Buying An Appliance

For me, purchasing any appliance is considered a major decision that needs careful consideration. You have to admit appliances require a considerable amount of investment and we want to buy those that will last for more years to come. Although certain appliances may not require a significant amount of cash to be spent, if you accumulate all the expenses you may have incurred for all your household appliances you will be surprised at the amount. In fact, when you try to think about it if you are planning to renovate your kitchen and is thinking of replacing your old appliances you are expected to spend around a hundred thousand pesos or more for appliances alone.

An important consideration in purchasing any appliance for that matter would be the appliance’s energy efficiency. You are given the option of either gas or electric for certain appliances, although it is expected for gas to be the cheaper alternative for those involving heating.

Size is also an important consideration for certain appliances like an air conditioner. It is expected that you will save on energy costs if you purchase one with a size and cooling capacity proportionate to the room size to enable it to cool the entire room.

It is essential that we select appliance brands and models that are durable and of good quality for we do not want to encounter problems in the future and end up spending precious dollars on repair and maintenance. You can check out product reviews on appliances to gauge the appliance’s quality and durability. Feedbacks and comments from relatives and friends who may have utilized the same unit are also valuable and would be a big help.

Select appliances with features that you think are important for you. It is expected that the more features an appliance has, the more costly the price. If you find a feature to be not of use to you, then select one of a lesser value without that feature. Also, if you do buy an appliance with several features, have the sales individual teach you how to use them to maximize their utility.

For some people the style and appearance of the appliance is important. They would want them to be in a color or design that would match the interiors of the house. Although you may not care much about the aesthetic aspect, bear in mind that if you plan to sell your house someday it would definitely look nice and appealing.

Is Digital TV Exclusive Channels Fair for Filipino Viewers?

For the past 5 years, Broadcasting Companies in the Philippines were busy with the switch-over from analog broadcast to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV) and we have observed the shift may compromise by the implementation of exclusive Conditional Access System (CAS).

What is Digital Terrestrial Television?

DTTV is a technology for broadcast television in which land-based (terrestrial) television stations broadcast television content by radio waves to televisions in consumers' residences in a digital format. DTTV is a major technological advance over the previous analog television, and is replacing analog to become the new television broadcasting standard. 

Why Shift to Digital Television beneficial?

1.    1. It aims to give viewers the benefits of watching Television with clear audio and video.
2.    2.To have the benefits of instant information through datacasting and emergency warning broadcast system.
3.   3. It gives broadcaster and content providers the opportunity to offer a diverse range of programming through the use of sub-channels and high-definition broadcast.
4.   4. To save operational expenses compared to operating with analog transmission.

What is Conditional Access System?

Conditional Access System is the protection of content by requiring certain criteria to be met before granting access to the content. The term is commonly used in relation to digital television systems.

Two Kinds of Conditional Access System

1.    Unified CAS – this is implemented by a consortium composed of broadcasters. They are responsible for setting up the encryption standards for broadcasters and device manufacturer to comply and they also have the responsibility of setting up accounts and collecting payments.

2.    Exclusive CAS – the broadcaster uses a proprietary encryption system that has a capability of locking their own channels and it can only be unlocked if it is viewed through set-up box that they own. This is normally implemented by pay cables and satellite TV companies.

In Japan, unified CAS is being used as a form of Digital Rights Management to protect copyright content for recording using DVR. In all the countries using ISDB-T, only the Philippines adapted the use of exclusive CAS.

In the Philippines, there are broadcasting companies that took advantage of the recent technology to include exclusive channel that are being used by Pay TV industry like cable and satellite transmission providers.

The implementation of DTTV can greatly affect the low-income consumers that form part of free-TV market since the broadcasting companies have capability to lock channels to their viewers unless they opt to buy their own brand of digital box or set-up device to unlock the exclusive channels. Scrambled channels usually have “$” sign, meaning you are tuned in to a channel with CAS.

Providing more options for the viewers are good but forcing people to purchase network-branded DTTV device or set-up box to establish loyalty only shows that the network is not playing fair.

Currently there are 19 scrambled channels with “$” sign in Television with ISDB-T Tuner or non-network branded digital boxes. Most of these channels are under ABS-CBN and SOLAR exclusive channels. Sometimes it gets annoying while you navigate channels because these scrambled channels are causing delays.

When these network companies started to produce their own digital box, consumers might end-up having several digital boxes filed-up just to watch different network’s exclusive channels.

The digital or HD channels programming should be a part of our progress and should not create consumer confusion and later division. Adherence to Public Service should always be the broadcaster’s priority and not always profitability.

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Comparison Between RCA Digital TV Box and ABS-CBN TV Plus – English Version

The switchover from analog to digital broadcast in the Philippines is being carried-out by different television networks in compliance to the government's order for the use of ISDB-T. There are now dozens of ISDBT-T compliant set-up boxes flooding the market to cater the non-digital televisions still exist in every household.

In 2018, almost all networks are testing their broadcast in digital format but not all are HD (high definition). They are using the ISDB-T (Integrated Service Digital Broadcast-Terrestrial) digital technology from Japan which is cheaper than the European counterpart DVB-T2. 

The leading set-up box in the market today is ABS-CBN TV Plus (mahiwagang blackbox) that was marketed since 2014 which sold more than a million units nationwide. RCA Digital TV box was also present in 2014 but without marketing campaign, it penetrates the market slowly.

Let us examine the two leading set-up boxes by comparing their features and specifications.

ABS-CBN TV+ also known as Mahiwagang Blackbox is a product of one of the leading Broadcast company in the Philippines which is ABS-CBN.
TV Plus can receive digital broadcast from all broadcast network that uses ISDB-T format. Compared to the old analog broadcast TV Plus is fairly clear and without snow. You’ll significantly notice the clarity of picture compared to the analog broadcast but far from the true high definition picture. Why? Because they still use RCA Jack(Yellow-Red-White) .
TV Plus aside from the regular free-to-air channels added four(4) more channels, namely; CINEMO, YEY, Knowledge Channel and DZMM. I don’t watch movies in CINEMO because sometimes they show old Pilipino movies that you already saw several times or old movies that you almost can’t see the characters. YEY and Knowledge Channels are fairly good enough for our kids to watch. DZMM is very informative especially the news they report. It has a pay-per-view channel KBO during week-end that will cost you 30 pesos for the 2-day viewing.

The unit comes with a remote control and indoor antenna.  The antenna receives very good receptions from all channels even if you just pulled it out of your window. The unit has a USB port but its function is only for the manual software update.    

RCA Digital TV box is one of the first set-up boxes that came out of the market in 2014. The first set-up box they release here in the Philippines was DV-1402 and DV 1502, now replaced by DV-1609 and DV-1603 respectively.

RCA Digibox has a clarity of true high definition color and picture quality with the use of HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). The picture quality is crisp and clear especially when receiving HD Broadcast. It doesn’t have the ABS-CBN exclusive channel, the channels has a $ sign when pointed to those channel.

RCA Digibox has a TV Recorder that can record TV programs, you feel watching again, through the USB port. One hour of recording is equivalent to 1GB of file.  It can read flash drive and HDD up to 1TB. Set the time, date and channel of the program to be recorded. It has a 7-day Electronic program guide as recording guide.

RCA Digibox can be used as media player that can read almost all media format including jpg, mp3, mp4, avi, mkv, flv etc. and it support DolbySound foe better audio listening. The media player can be access through the USB port. It is compact that can be brought anywhere.

Due to the total switchover from analog to digital broadcast, Television manufacturer are now manufacturing Digital ready Televisions. It is now being incorporated with the SMART FUNCTION (internet + android TV capable) to make their LED TV complete.

With the use of Big Network set-up boxes like TV Plus, the consumers or common people will be affected greatly by network exclusive channel war in the future. If you already have TV Plus, try to look at the channels there are many $ channels. May be you are wondering what it is. That topic will be tackled on my next Article. Keep on seeing my blogs.

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Sa una kong isinulat dito sa Aplyanses pinagkumpara ko ang RCA Digital TV BOx at ABS-CBN TV PLUS na marami ang bumasa at tumangkilik. Ngayon ipakikilala ko ang bago nilang unit model ang DV1603.

Ang mga modelo ng lumang RCA Digital TV Box ay DV1402 at DV1501. 

Ngayon ang bagong modelo ay ang DV1603 na halos walang pinagiba sa lumang DV1501 ang nawala lang ay ang volume at menu control sa main unit. Ang maganda sa DV1603 ay mas stable na ang channel programming na hindi tulad ng DV1501 after mong magscan ng channel biglang nababgo ang posisyon ng channel ayon sa pagkasunod-sunod o minsan nauulit ang mga ito. Mas magaan ito kesa sa DV1501.

Tulad ng ABS CBN TV PLUS, ang RCA DV1603 ay madali na rin makascan ng mga channels ngunit napakaraming encrypted channels lalo na sa ABS-CBN reserve channel na may dollar sign ($) ang mga ito. Kumpara sa TV PLUS mas mabilis ang response time ng RCA DV1603 kapag naglilipat ka ng channel. Sa TV PLUS may 1 - 2 seconds delay ngunit sa RCA ay halos wala.

Mas malinaw ang RCA ng doble at mas kokonti ang pixelated pictures kumpara sa TV PLUS dahil HDMI ang koneksyon nito. Sa TV PLUS may pagkakataon na may malabong porsyon ang picture ngunit sa RCA ay halos wala. Ang dahilan nito, ang TV PLUS ay gumagamit pa rin ng lumang rca jack na kahit malinaw ay analog pa rin at hindi digital. Nas maganda ang contrast at brightness ng RCA. 

Ang TV PLUS ay maraming advertisement pagbukas pa lang lalabas na yung advertisement nya. Sa channel menu may advertisement din. Talagang commercialize ang TV PLUS.

Ang RCA DV 1603 tulad ng mga ninuno nya ay 3-in-1 din. 

1. Digital Tuner receiving digital broadcast.
2. Media Player that can play almost all video format available and read external hard drive
3. TV Broadcast Recorder - record your TV program even your TV is turn-off.

DV1603 has RF output that can help you connect coaxial cable to your TV tuner if you want to watch analog broadcast.

To see the full feature of RCA Digital TV Box read "Paghahalintulad sa RCA Digital TV Box at ABS-CBN TV Plus"

Ang kagandahan ng RCA kung gagamitin mo ay HDMI connection yung rca jack connection ay di mo magagamit kaya pwede mo ikonek ang audio (red & white jack) sa iyong audio amplifier para mas maganda ang sound ng iyong piananonood lalo na kung pelikula na maganda ang audio effects.  

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Pag-aalaga Sa Iyong Washing Machine

Tulad nating lahat, ang iyong washing machine ay nangangailangan ng konting alaga at atensyon paminsan-minsan upang mapanatiling kapakipakinabang.


Kahit ang washing machine ay nangangailan din ng paghuhugas.Patakbuhin mo ito, lagyan ng tubig at powder na sabon at patakbuhin ng walang laman. 


Dapat mong linisin ang filter nito dalawang beses isang taon.Tingnan mo ang manual kung saan ito naroroon at alisin ang lahat na nakilekta nitong dumi. Hugasan mismo ang filter at ibalik ito. May mga machine na may PIN trap, hanapin ito at alisin ang laman dahil karaniwang dito napupunta ang mga metal objects tulad ng coins. Lagi mo itong gawin.


Kahit na anong naiiwand sa drawer ng sabon at fabcon ay maaring pagmulan ng pagdami bakteria. Alisin ang drawer at hugasan ito ng mainit na tubig. Mas pangalagaan ang fabcon drawer. Linisin din kung saan ang mga drawe na ito ay nakalagay lalo na sa ibabaw nito kung saan dumadaan ang tubig. Upang maiwasan ang mabahong amoy iwanang medyo nakabukas ang drawer upang makapasok ang hangin at imikot ito sa loob.
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Bago Ka Bumili Ng Washing Machine

Naririto ang mga tips bago ka bumili ng washing machine na magagamit mo sa bahay.

Ito ang mga dapat mong isaalngalang bago ka bumili ng washing machine.


Gaano kalaki ang lugar na paglalagyan mo? Ang mga washers at dryer ay merong ibat-ibang taas at lapad kaya baka mahirapan kang ilagay ito sa iyong bahay.Magdesisyon ka kung saan mo ito ilalagay, sukatin kung gaano kalaki ito at pumili ng kasya sa sukat na ito. Kung maliit lang ang iyong lugar mas mabuti kong bibili ka ng magkasama na ang washer at dryer.


Ang pagpili ng washing machine na may magandang energy rating ay makatutulong sa iyong makatipid at mabuti ito sa kapaligiran.


May mga kasama ka bang kapamilya na merong allergies? Kung ganoon, pumili ng washing machine na may extra banlaw o extra-rinses.Kapag tinuyo mong mabuti ang iyong nilabahan maaring mawala ang lahat ng sanhi ng allergies.


Ilang katao ang meron kayo sa bahay? Sa isang normal na dami pwede na ang 6 - 8 kilos ng washing machine. Kung isa o dalwa lang kayo pumili ng mas maliit na washer.


Paano mong binabalak tuyuin ang iyong mga labada? Mas mabuti kung dryer dahil mas mapapadali ang pagtuyo mo ng damit kumpara kung tutuyuin mo lang ito sa labas ng bahay. Pumili ng may mabilis na spin dryer.


Pumili ng washing machine na may sensor kung gaano karaming tubig lamang ang dapat gamitin na naayon sa dami ng lalabahan. Sa pamamagitan nito nakakatipid ka sa paggamit ng tubig at sa kuryente narin dahil sa dami ng load. 


Pumili ng dryer na may moisture sensor, sa pamamgitan nito mas makakatipid ka sa kuryente dahil automatic na titigil ang dryer kapag naramdaman nyang wala ng tubig ang napipiga da damit. 

Ilan lang ito sa mga dapat mong isaalangalang kapag ikaw ay nagbabalak bumili ng washing machine upang masiyaha ka sa perfomance nito. 

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Pinadaling Paglalaba sa Washing Machine

Maraming nagsasabi "Hiwalay ang puti sa decolor."

Kelangan pa bang pag-isipan yan? Maraming ibat-ibang kulay at tela kaya bigyan mo ng iyong atensyon ang mga ito. Ang unang dapat tingnan ay ang itiketa o care label at ihiwalay ng base sa bawat kulay. ang iyong labahin at sundin ang simpleng paraan na ito;

1. Color

Piliin ang mga damit sa lalabahan ayon sa kanyang kulay tulad ng puti, katamtaman ang kulay at matingkad na kulay. Sa pamamagitan nito hindi hahawa ang ibang kulay sa puti.

2. Temperatura

Sa itiketa ng damit nakalagay kung anong temperatura ang nararapat na gamitin sa paglalaba ayong sa telang ginamit.Iwasang gumamit ng mas mataas na temperatura kung hindi naayon sa damit. May mga washing machine na gumagamit ng temperatura o init sa paglalaba.

3. Programa sa Paglaba ng inyong machine.

Laging tingnan ang itiketa kung anong klaseng laba ang kailangan sa tela. Merong nakasaad na hand wash, delicate, soft wash at heavy wash. Depende sa uri ng tela ng lalabahan ang dapat tingnan upang maayos na magawa ang setting ng iyong washing machine.

Ang magkakaibang tela o fabrics ay dapat labahan ng magkakahiwalay. Pwede mong ibukod ang mga ito na naaayon sa uri ng fabric tulad ng Natural Fibers at Man-made Fibers.

1. Man-made Fibers - Synthetic Fibers at Regenerated Fibers
2. Natural Fibers - Cotton, Linen, Wool at Silk

Pumili ng tamang program sa Washing Machine.

Karamihan sa mga garments ay kayang labahan sa washiing machine kailangan lang ng paglalagay sa tamang programa ng washing machine. Ang mga kailangang tingnan ay ang tamang setting sa kulay, fabric, at gaano karumi ito. Pwedeng gumamit ng eco-wash program sa mga ordinaryong mga damit. fast-wash sa mga di masyadong marurumi. Gentle wash sa mga synthetic at may delikadong prints.

Ang dapat natin laging tandaan na tayo ay gumamit ng washing machine na energy efficient o matipid sa kuryenta at eco-friendly detergents.

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Nakatitipid Ka Ba Sa Induction Cooker?

Ano ba ang Induction Cooker?

Ang Induction Cooker ay isang lutuan na gumagamit ng magnetic induction upang mabilis na painitin ang kaserola, kaldero, kawali at iba pang induction ready cookware. Gumagamit ito ng kuryente.Ang magnetic cooking plate ay nakalagay sa ilalim ng glass top ng cooker na directang nagpapainit sa lutuan sa ibabaw nito. May ibat-ibat settings para sa ibat-ibang klase ng pagluluto.

Paano nakakatipid sa Induction Cooker?

Kumpara sa mga gas heating stove at heating plate, mas matipid sa enerhiya ang induction cooker  dahil walang nawawalang init, ang init ay diretso sa mismong kaldero o pot. Walang lumalabas na init na sumasama sa hangin at dahil diretso sa pot mas mabilis uminit ang niluluto at madali rin patayin. Madaling nakukuha ng pagkaing niluluto ang init kaya madaling naluluto ang pagkain. Sa Induction cooker ang init ay pantay at tuloy tuloy kaya mas madaling maluto ang pagkain. Ang induction heating element ay may kaparehong lakas ng init na nanggagaling sa gas burner ngunit mas energy-efficient. Ang ibabaw o surface ng induction cooker ay umiinit dahil sa kaldero o pot na nasa ibabaw nito na syang direktang kumukuha ng init. Mas energy-efficient, consistent ang heat at mabilis maluto ang pagkain kaya mas nakakatipid ang induction cooker. Mas madaling napapanatili ng induction ang naayong tamang temperatura upang mabilis na maluto ang pagkain..

Mas ligtas bang gamitin ang induction cooker?

Kahit bukas ang induction cooker ngunit walang nakalagay na kaldero o pot, nararamdaman nito na walang init na nagagawa kaya pwede itong mamatay ng kusa. Pagnaramdaman nya na walang pinapapainit namamatay sya ng kanya. Kapag naramdaman naman nya sa sobrang init ng pot sa kanyang ibabaw awtomatiko din itong namamtay. Kaya kung nagluluto ka at naiwan mo, kapag naramdan nito sa may mataas na temperatura ito'y sadyang mamatay nalang. Kaya ligtas gamitin ang induction cooker dahil maliit ang pagkakataon na magkaroon ng sunog. 

Dahil ang pot o kaldero ang umiinit, ang ibabaw ng cooker ay hindi sobrang umiinit kaya hindi magdudulot ng sobrang pagkapaso mapadikit man ang iyong balat.

Madali bang linisin ang induction cooker?

Dahil ang kaldero o cookware ang umiinit, ang ibabaw ng induction cooker ay hindi masyadong umiinit kaya pwede mo agad punasan ng basang tela na may sabon upang maalis ang mga dumikit na pagkain at saka mo punasan ng basang tela na walang sabon para tuluyan na itong malinis. Siguruhin lang na maalis lahat ng mga tumulong sauce o sabaw upang huwag langgamin o ipisin. 


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DTTB Migration Plan in the Philippines


Framework of the
Digital Terrestrial
Television Broadcasting
(DTTB) Migration Plan
Bringing New Dimensions
to the Broadcasting Experience of Filipinos

Hereunder are some of the script from the introduction of the published Framework DTTB Migration Plan;

" This Framework of the DTTB Migration Plan is a comprehensive document which details policy and legal framework, and provides technical guidance for concerned stakeholders, measures for fiscal considerations as necessary, and communications strategies for public awareness for the smooth implementation. This document will further identify several important considerations in the DTTB migration process, those needed to be considered before, during and after the transition until the planned Analog Switch off (ASO) on 31 December 2023.

The migration process aims that broadcasting services currently delivered through the analog network will be fully replicated and provisioned for the digital network, through the Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting–Terrestrial (ISDB-T) standard, in such a way that no disservice will take place once a specific timeline chosen the ASO TV transmission in a certain service area. As a matter of policy, all existing FTA programs must be present and shall be classified as the Primary Program of a broadcaster in the transitional process from analog to digital utilizing the multi-program DTTB service. "

To know more about the FRAMEWORK DTTB MIGRATION PLAN you can download the documents here.  DOWNLOAD

Ito po ang kabuoang plano ng gobyerno ng Plipinas ukol sa paglipat mula sa Analog broadcast patungo sa Digital broadcast. Ang proseso ng paglipat ay hindi madali ngunit magagawang may kaayusan kung tayong mga nakikinabang ay merong sapat na kaalaman ukol dito. 

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How to choose the right Appliance store?

There are many places where we can immediately purchase our needed appliances for daily use. As our daily tasks file up, we need these equipments at least to relieve us from many household chores like washing, cooking, dish washing and others. Do we consider the proper place to purchase those appliances?  Do you make proper decision on where to buy these items?

The money we spend for these equipments are hard earned money that sometimes we kept so long just to buy these items whatever purpose we have in mind and it’s only natural to pick the proper place where to spend your money and the assurance the appliance you will buy will bring you the expected reliability and durability, and most importantly the service you’ll receive.

What are the qualities of an appliance store to look for when deciding to buy appliances? 

Store Entrance

The total look of the store reflects a positive sign of reliability and commitment. A clean, with proper signage and well lighted store are reflection of the service we will initially get.  The glass panels are clean. The entrance door doesn’t have boxes and stocks that prevent you from entering.

Just by the look of the store outside you know you are welcome to enter. When you enter the store the personnel gives you a warm welcome by smiling and greeting.

Store Display

The display racks and modules are clean. The items displayed are clean and properly tag. You won’t hesitate to touch the items. It is only natural to touch and feel it.

Sales Person

A warm welcome and proper assistance from the store personnel will immediately embrace you. In most stores, salesman will try to sell their products to you. This means either the salesman is new or he/she didn’t undergo training. A good sales person asks what are your needs and preferences. He/She explains everything to you and what you have to know. He/She doesn’t mind whether you will buy or not.

Test the salesman, be smart. Before going to the store, go to the internet websites and search for your preferred item. Try if the salesman is telling you the right features and specifications of the item by letting him do his demonstration, look at your printed reference and what he is telling you.

A good salesman never over sell, he always make sure what he says is true. He/She always asks you of what you want. He educates you about the item you are asking and not selling it to you. Soon, you will eventually realize you are already in the cashier’s counter and paying, because you are very satisfied with the appliance you are buying and to the service rendered to you by the sales person.  


Buying experience is the most important quality of a good store making every customer’s experience inside the store very enjoyable. Customers feel they are important and their patronage is well appreciated. The quality of service is above satisfaction from start until the end of transactions.

After Sales Service

After 2 to 3 days, the salesman must be ringing your telephone asking the status of your purchased item, if it is doing well and what are the customer’s observations especially if the purchased items are refrigerator, air conditioner and washing machine. Take note that if the store really cares for you, the relationship never ends after your purchase but it should always be the start.

If these qualities are present, then you find the right store for you. Remember every appliance store carry almost the same merchandise but the service you get from its people is the deciding factor. 

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Mga Dapat Tandaan Sa Pagbili ng Appliances Online

Ang pagbili ba ng Appliances Online ay magandang ideya?

Kung ikaw ay nagbabalak na bumili ng refrigerator o ng freezer o kahit anong appliances sa pagkakataong ito, iwasan mong bumili ng madalian online maliban kung nakita mo na yung produktong gusto mo sa loob ng isang tindahan ng appliances. Maaring nakakatuksong bumili agad ng refrigerator online sa kadahilanang wala ka nang masyadong dapat intindihin at walang hassle na tulad ng pagpunta pa sa isang tindahan, ngunit may mga panganib sa pagbili online.

Kailangan mong mahawakan...

Napakahirap malaman ang eksaktong matatanggap mo kapag bumili ka online. Walang pagsasalarawang sapat, kahit na ito'y kumpleto ang makakapagbigay ng ideya kung ano talaga ang iyong matatanggap.Ang mga imahe sa computer ay maaring makapanlinlang sa iyo na maaring malaki o maliit ang mabili mo. Wala ng gagaling pa na makita mo ang produkto ng malapitan.lalong lalo na kung mamahalin ang produkto na nagkakahalaga ng mahigit limampung libong piso (P50,000).

Bumisita sa lokal na tindahan...

Kung talagang interesado kang bumili ng appliances online, tingnan mo muna kung makakahanap ka ng modelo ng produktong gusto mong bilhin sa tindahan. Sa pamamagitan nito makikita mo munang mabuti ang itsura nito bago mo tuluyang bilhin online. Kapag naramdaman mong gusto mo talaga ito, umuwi ka sa bahay at ilagay ang iyong order online.

Ang isa pang bentahe kapag pumunta ka sa tindahan ay makakausap mo ang sales representative. Sa kanila mo malalaman kung ang gusto mong bilhing appliances ay nararapat sa iyong tahanan. Ang isang appliance na masyadong malaki ay maaring hindi kumasya sa pintuan ng iyong bahay at maaring lumaki ang babayaran mo sa shipping kung nagdesisyon kang ibalik ito.

Sa makatuwid, ang dapat mong gawin bago ka bumili online ay maghanap ka muna ng actuwal na modelo sa mga tindahan upang huwag kang magsayang ng iyong panahon at pera.

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Ang Mga Channel sa Digital TV Broadcast sa Pilipinas

Narito ang listahan ng mga TV Networks, Channels at Frequencies na ginagamit sa Digital Broadcast sa Pilipinas. Ang European Standard na ISDB-T ang official na ginagamit sa Pilipinas. And Digital Terrestial Television services ay dinedevelop na ng mga TV network ngayon upang isakatuparan ang full digital broadcast sa mga susunod na taon. Tinatayang sa taong 2020 ay full digital broadcast na ang Pilipinas.

1. ABS-CBN - UHF Channel 43 (647.143MHZ) - ABS CBN, Sport & Action, YeY, Cinemo, Knowledge Channel, DZMM, KBO at ABS-CBN oneseg

2. UNTV - UHF Channel 38 (617.143MHZ) - UNTV1, STV,  The Truth Channel at UNTV oneseg

3. PTV - UHF Channel 42 (641.143MHZ) - PTV1, PTV2, PTV3 at PTV oneseg

4. TV5 - UHF Channel 51 (695.143MHZ) - TV5, Aksyon TV at TV5 oneseg

5. GMA - UHF Channel 27 (551.143MHZ) - GMA, NewsTV, GMA oneseg

6. EBC - UHF Channel 49 (683.143MHZ) - Net25 HD, Net25 SD, INCTV HD, INCTV SD, INCTV 1seg at Net25 1seg

7. BEAM - UHF Channel 32 (581.143MHZ) - ShopTV, OShopping, TV Shop, Shop Japan, Pilipinas HD, Inquirer 990, Island Living, EGG at BEAM 1seg.

8. SOLAR - UHF Channel 22 (521.143MHZ) -  ETC, JackTV, 2ndAvenue at HSN

9. SMNI - UHF Channel 40 (629.143MHZ) - SMNI at SNC

10. HOPE - UHF Channel 44 (653.143MHZ) - Hope Phil HD, 3ABN at Hope Inter SD

11. CNN Phils - UHF Channel 19 (503.143MHZ) - CNN Philippines

Provincial Areas
*ABS-CBN - Central Luzon Frequency: 533.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Northern Luzon Frequency: 587.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Tarlac City Frequency: 599.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Calabarzon Frequency: 677.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Iloilo City, Iloilo province, Guimaras, Negros Occidental and Bacolod City Frequency: 611.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Cebu Frequency: 611.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Davao City Frequency: 521.143MHz

*BEAM Cebu - 575.143MHz (on going Test Broadcast in low signal frequency)

*SMNI Davao - 641.143MHz (on going Test Broadcast in low signal frequency)

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Ang APLYANSES ay naglalayong makapaghatid ng mga impormasyon na nauukol sa ibat-ibang uri ng mga appliances. Ninanais naming mapaglingkuran ang maraming mga Pilipino.

Sisikapin naming makapaghatid ng mga makabago at napapanahong impormasyon upang maging batayan sa pagbili, pagpapanatili at pagsasaayos ng appliances sa inyong mga tahanan.

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We created informative videos regarding appliances, gadgets and current technologies to serve our audience better. See you to our channel.

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