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How To Earn Without Capital Using Coins.PH?

There are widespread online businesses that promise so much but you can gain only as much, however, undeniably there are few which can give us decent earnings doing online tasks. In the digital world, we need to possess digital wallet to receive digital currencies and payments. In these wallets, you can earn by using your digital fund to gain from it. The good thing about it is you can start with no or little capital.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to possess a PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or ipad with a reliable specification for better performance and display. Surely, most of you already have one or two of these gadgets.
  2. For mobile phones and tablets, you must the download the Coins.Ph application from the appstore and playstore. For PC and laptops, you can go to Register or create an account using a mobile number and email address.  
  3. To earn immediately, you need to use my referral link and referral code. Click Here to go directly to my link or when you are already inside the application you can input my referral code: dji8lv
  4. will reward you with P50 pesos when you verify your identity. The verification only takes 5 to 10 minutes of your time. You will verify your mobile phone, email address and your identity. To verify identity, you will need one(1) government ID. Go to the menuà limits & verification, the application will help you to go through the verification process. Take note you will be asked to take a selfie with you holding your ID.  Please make sure before doing the verification process, you already input my referral code so that both of us will get FREE P50.
  5. If you are lucky after the Level 2 verification or selfie verification, may reward you with initial Bitcoin (BTC) that you can use if you are interested in crypto-currency trade or you can trade it with peso so you can use it as peso fund.
  6. After verification, you can now perform several actions that is provided inside the application like prepaid network loading (coins,ph has the highest load commission of 10%), bills payment (you can earn 5 pesos per bills payment and additional P100 when you use it 5 times in a week), buy game credits (garena & steam), receive remittance from different provider such as Western Union, and other services the application provides.
  7. If you want to add cash to your wallet you can chose from different Cash-in facilities available like 711. Just Click Cash-in à711àenter the amountàsubmit. There is a fee of 10 pesos for every 500 pesos cashed-in.

How to add cash or capital coming from other source?

There many ways to add up more cash or crypto-currencies to your wallet without spending for it.

1.       First and foremost, to earn using is to refer your friends to download and use the application and verify themselves. You will both earn 50 pesos. Don’t be ashamed to tell this to your friends because it will be both beneficial to you. The more P50 you earn the better, you can use it to fund your loading and bills payment business without shedding any capital.
2.       Download Cliqq application to your mobile phone and register using your mobile number. Use the barcode when buying to any 711 branches and accumulate more points as possible. You can exchange your point to digital wallet within the cliqq app. Click the arrow in the right side of your points, a new page will appearàchoose rewards catalogàclick the orange rewards catalog at the topàclick Convert points. You can now convert your points to digital peso in your cliqq wallet.  Transfer the cliqq peso wallet to your wallet by going to your and cash-in using 711 and use the cliqq digital peso to pay for the e-money cash-in. Now you added cash to your wallet.
3.       There are android mobile games that you can use to earn crypto-currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and others. This sample of a paying games or spinner that pays using BCH. Just Click Here. You must provide your BCH address inside this app so that you’ll get your earnings. Go to app click BCH above, click send to reveal your BCH address, copy the address and paste it to the BCH spinner.  You will receive your BCH when you reach a minimum required satoshi every Tuesday. Your BCH earned can be converted to peso inside the app.
4.       You can earn through blogging, you can register to STEEMIT and WEKU platforms to earn tokens that you can exchange for crypto-currencies and receive it to your wallet.

There are more applications in the android OS that promise earning and later you’ll find out that you are fooled. Be careful in plunging to downloading applications that promise earning but later on it will makes you frustrated.

Once you accumulated enough cash to fuel your account you can now start asking your friends to buy loads from you or pay their credit card, meralco, internet and water bills to you. Also there are promotions inside this app that will help you earn cash backs and perks, make the most out of it.

If you want to create better chance of earning, you can use your cash and crypto-currency to trade coins you can go to Coins Pro. That is a crypto-currency exchange supported here in the Philippines.

Well it’s all up to you guys how to grow your business using these tools. I am hoping that you’ll be able to earn and make the most out of these opportunities.

Thanks for dropping by!


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