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How to choose the right Appliance store?

There are many places where we can immediately purchase our needed appliances for daily use. As our daily tasks file up, we need these equipments at least to relieve us from many household chores like washing, cooking, dish washing and others. Do we consider the proper place to purchase those appliances?  Do you make proper decision on where to buy these items?

The money we spend for these equipments are hard earned money that sometimes we kept so long just to buy these items whatever purpose we have in mind and it’s only natural to pick the proper place where to spend your money and the assurance the appliance you will buy will bring you the expected reliability and durability, and most importantly the service you’ll receive.

What are the qualities of an appliance store to look for when deciding to buy appliances? 

Store Entrance

The total look of the store reflects a positive sign of reliability and commitment. A clean, with proper signage and well lighted store are reflection of the service we will initially get.  The glass panels are clean. The entrance door doesn’t have boxes and stocks that prevent you from entering.

Just by the look of the store outside you know you are welcome to enter. When you enter the store the personnel gives you a warm welcome by smiling and greeting.

Store Display

The display racks and modules are clean. The items displayed are clean and properly tag. You won’t hesitate to touch the items. It is only natural to touch and feel it.

Sales Person

A warm welcome and proper assistance from the store personnel will immediately embrace you. In most stores, salesman will try to sell their products to you. This means either the salesman is new or he/she didn’t undergo training. A good sales person asks what are your needs and preferences. He/She explains everything to you and what you have to know. He/She doesn’t mind whether you will buy or not.

Test the salesman, be smart. Before going to the store, go to the internet websites and search for your preferred item. Try if the salesman is telling you the right features and specifications of the item by letting him do his demonstration, look at your printed reference and what he is telling you.

A good salesman never over sell, he always make sure what he says is true. He/She always asks you of what you want. He educates you about the item you are asking and not selling it to you. Soon, you will eventually realize you are already in the cashier’s counter and paying, because you are very satisfied with the appliance you are buying and to the service rendered to you by the sales person.  


Buying experience is the most important quality of a good store making every customer’s experience inside the store very enjoyable. Customers feel they are important and their patronage is well appreciated. The quality of service is above satisfaction from start until the end of transactions.

After Sales Service

After 2 to 3 days, the salesman must be ringing your telephone asking the status of your purchased item, if it is doing well and what are the customer’s observations especially if the purchased items are refrigerator, air conditioner and washing machine. Take note that if the store really cares for you, the relationship never ends after your purchase but it should always be the start.

If these qualities are present, then you find the right store for you. Remember every appliance store carry almost the same merchandise but the service you get from its people is the deciding factor. 

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