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Ang Mga Channel sa Digital TV Broadcast sa Pilipinas

Narito ang listahan ng mga TV Networks, Channels at Frequencies na ginagamit sa Digital Broadcast sa Pilipinas. Ang European Standard na ISDB-T ang official na ginagamit sa Pilipinas. And Digital Terrestial Television services ay dinedevelop na ng mga TV network ngayon upang isakatuparan ang full digital broadcast sa mga susunod na taon. Tinatayang sa taong 2020 ay full digital broadcast na ang Pilipinas.

1. ABS-CBN - UHF Channel 43 (647.143MHZ) - ABS CBN, Sport & Action, YeY, Cinemo, Knowledge Channel, DZMM, KBO at ABS-CBN oneseg

2. UNTV - UHF Channel 38 (617.143MHZ) - UNTV1, STV,  The Truth Channel at UNTV oneseg

3. PTV - UHF Channel 42 (641.143MHZ) - PTV1, PTV2, PTV3 at PTV oneseg

4. TV5 - UHF Channel 51 (695.143MHZ) - TV5, Aksyon TV at TV5 oneseg

5. GMA - UHF Channel 27 (551.143MHZ) - GMA, NewsTV, GMA oneseg

6. EBC - UHF Channel 49 (683.143MHZ) - Net25 HD, Net25 SD, INCTV HD, INCTV SD, INCTV 1seg at Net25 1seg

7. BEAM - UHF Channel 32 (581.143MHZ) - ShopTV, OShopping, TV Shop, Shop Japan, Pilipinas HD, Inquirer 990, Island Living, EGG at BEAM 1seg.

8. SOLAR - UHF Channel 22 (521.143MHZ) -  ETC, JackTV, 2ndAvenue at HSN

9. SMNI - UHF Channel 40 (629.143MHZ) - SMNI at SNC

10. HOPE - UHF Channel 44 (653.143MHZ) - Hope Phil HD, 3ABN at Hope Inter SD

11. CNN Phils - UHF Channel 19 (503.143MHZ) - CNN Philippines

Provincial Areas
*ABS-CBN - Central Luzon Frequency: 533.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Northern Luzon Frequency: 587.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Tarlac City Frequency: 599.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Calabarzon Frequency: 677.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Iloilo City, Iloilo province, Guimaras, Negros Occidental and Bacolod City Frequency: 611.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Cebu Frequency: 611.143MHz
*ABS-CBN - Davao City Frequency: 521.143MHz

*BEAM Cebu - 575.143MHz (on going Test Broadcast in low signal frequency)

*SMNI Davao - 641.143MHz (on going Test Broadcast in low signal frequency)

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